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Welcome to the cyber-home of Dave, Ginny and Natalie. Actually it's more of a home for Dave, as Ginny feels this web page stuff is rather pointless, and Natalie is too small to care. However, I felt that I was obliged to include both in this collection of all important things.
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From the beer blog, Stobbrau Blog.
Follow the adventures of Natalie at our baby blog, Baby Stobbster.
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Homebrewing and Beer Things
Recipes, labels and more! Begin the adventure by clicking here. Plus a few beer related items that might be of some enjoyment.
We get a kick out of traveling and do it when ever we can. Here are a few interesting things:
The yellow '65 Corvair convertible sitting in storage sometimes gets me around the Bay Area in style. Read all about it here.
Picture Galleries
The photo galleries have lots of picts from the last 10 years or so. Click the "pictures" link at the menu at the top of the page. Or take a look at my Flickr stuff:
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Updated: 18 January 2012